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Editorial Q1-2009
1. In the news The plight of Christians
2. Today's focus God's versus Science's Universe
3. Reflection The Lord's Giant Telescope
4. Excerpt The Lord's Sermons: The Child Jesus in the Temple
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7. The New Revelation - Overview
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Dear reader,

Every 5 seconds a child dies of hunger in the world,

Millions in Africa will die of AIDS,

A nuclear exchange between Pakistan and India is not impossible.

An American ex Nasdaq boss commits a 50 billion dollar fraud.

Where are we heading? It seems a satanic wheel keeps spinning faster and faster. Since our last newsletter, what a development. Markets are crashing, billions are pumped into banks and markets, all media sources are talking of how terrible things are already and are going to be in 2009. At the same time we are seeing more and more dangerous developments politically. The terrorist attacks in Mumbay and the danger of retaliation can give one goose pimples. Two nations with nukes. And fanatics. The ongoing rape of developing countries via agriculture subsidies in the US and the EU, the bleeding of third world countries due to dept, the pushing of biofuels and the rest causing genocidal situations in sub-Sahara Africa and Asia. The Ethiopia based sea pirates who managed that the UN achieved a resolution in record time.

It's true, the outlook is not encouraging, even if one only looks at data which is easily available. 

So where are we heading. Well, chances are that it is the beginning of the great reckoning day. It was foretold 150 years ago, we were forewarned. Some people listened and prepared themselves.

How can one prepare? If one word only should be used in this matter it is 'Love'. Only love, but active love is saving us. The New Revelation gives us plenty of material to follow up and be reminded of the fact that active love for God and one's neighbor will protect us from everything.

Take care to celebrate the birthday of the Savior decently and humbly.

And may the Lord Jesus-Jehova bless you during the coming 12 months.

Rudolf Julius


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1. in the news

The plight of Christians

The 50 billion dollar Ponzi fraud shock is of course all over the media. It is all about money and it is terrible.

What is not so much on the front pages is the fact that 1 out of 10 Christians worldwide is prosecuted and risks losing his life just because he/she is a Christian.

Yes, Christian Solidarity International reports that we live in a time of the biggest persecutions of Christians ever.

On December 10 the Declaration of Human Rights had its 60th anniversary. The fact that most countries in the world had signed that declaration does not prevent them to ignore it.

Pro Oriente a platform of nine church and non church organizations reports that Christians in 60 countries are being discriminated and nine nations practice the death penalty for converting from Islam to other religions, among them Saudi-Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, Somalia and Pakistan. In China and Buddhist Bhutan Christians are fair game with the worst case scenario happening in North Korea. The 220,000 believers there risk imprisonment, torture and murder. Another problem is Iraq. Many Christian


Who loves Me, must love Me above all if he, too, wants to be loved above all by Me.


Jesus, Great Gospel of John, vol.2, 40 w9

who fled the country to evade the violence do not dare to go back. They know they are going to be persecuted by radicals. Their misery is terrifying.

All this is reason enough that we assist organizations which help people with donations for the victims and petitions to countries who commit crimes against humanity.

And we all have to pray. Jesus-Jehova told us via Jakob Lorber that prayer is the most powerful weapon.

Of course the Lord told us over and over again that towards the end times Satan will run amok because he knows that his power will come to an end with judgment day. That's why he causes untold harm and wars everywhere. And seeing this we can deduct that this day is nearing fast.

Have a look in hisnewword.org for the respective predictions for our time.






2.  today’s focus: 

God's versus Science's Universe


A recent edition of a popular science magazine dealt with the universe. They assembled everything our scientists have discovered so far and also every theory actually valid.

Needless to say that the fascination of the big bang, the black holes, the trillions of galaxies, the radio stars etc, etc. has no end.

There is for example that double page. Its 3D graphic gives an idea of the multi-layer set up of our universe neighborhood:

1st level  - Our solar system with all the planets. It is part of the

2nd level – solar neighborhood. It’s a star cluster with a diameter defined to be 40 light years. Our neighbor stars (suns) are such well known names as Alpha Centauri, Cassiopeia or Sirius AB (more on Sirius later). In turn this cluster is part of the

3rd level  - the Milky Way galaxy. The galaxy’s diameter is shown as stretching over 100,000 light years and in turn is part of the

 4th level – the “local group” of galaxies. Here we, or rather our astronomers, are already talking of an area the size of 4 million light years across. Local neighbors are the Great Magellan Cloud, the Andromeda galaxies, NGC 6822 to name just a few among some 40 others. The last level one shown there is the

Never assume heaven to be a place of reward for a man’s good deeds on Earth. Rather believe that heaven is nothing but your love for the Lord.

Jesus, Spiritual Sun 1,32 w14

5th level – the next super galaxy cluster. For us it seems to be the Virgo cluster. A cozy little place just 150 million light years in diameter with such familiar galaxy clusters like NGC 5248, NGC 4594 or M100.  

Really fantastic what science is able to find out.

And still our humble scribe Jakob Lorber has written all this down – and much more – already 150 years ago:

He wrote about a then unknown planet, Neptune, 4 years before astronomers found it, about other galaxies 68 years before the 2.5 meter Mt. Wilson telescope revealed them or 98 years before the 5 meter Mt. Palomar telescope revealed the existence of billions more galaxies.

In addition he gave us information about the atom structure, subatomic particles with a life span in the billionths of seconds which today are going under the names of Mesons, Sigma Baryons or the like.

What else did Lorber report? In fact the mentioned levels were all reported exactly as discovered by science. However, From Lorber we know of more. The

6th level is called 'Shell Globe'. It is the last level of our 'local  universe'. The shell globe is formed of 7 million super galaxies like the above cluster of level 5. These are orbiting an unfathomably large central star. This star (or sun) contains at least 90 percent of all matter in our universe, because otherwise it could not hold all those super galaxies in orbit. The Shell Globe contains all matter in our universe. Its outer limit is like a “shell” made of a “mirror-like” material. Apparently nothing can penetrate this wall, not light not wave or anything else. We learn that all light of the universe is reflected by this “mirror-shell” back into the shell globe universe.  Finally there is the

7th level. It represents a human figure (the "great material man of creation") and is made of billions of shell globes. The Lord told Lorber that this human figure is the judged soul of Satan which is frozen and thus immobilized because Lucifer revolted against God.

Please have a look at our web site www.hisnewword.org > world > macrocosm and then scroll down to “universe set up”. There click on one of the photos to see them in context.

We have to mention, that a series of theories of modern astrophysics is not confirmed or not mentioned in the New Revelation. Among them are the Big Bang (as assumed today), black holes, the expanding universe,  anti-matter etc. And the dimensions you see on our web site for the known universe e.g. the central star (Regulus) of the shell globe with a diameter of at least 2x1036 light years. Or the age of the earth of 1030 years are not (yet) shared by science. We learn from Jesus-Jehova that Sirius (A) is the central star of our local star cluster and measures about one light year (!) in diameter, whereas astronomers give Sirius only a size of twice that of the sun (90 light seconds)

Finally, it can be derived from the Lorber texts that the speed of light is not the limit. It results that the Great material Man of Creation travels at of about 3x1048 times the speed of light and we with him (GGJ.6.248,3 and 2.RB 299,11).

Well, time provides advice as they say in Germany. We’ll see. Future scientists want to enjoy discoveries as well.





3. reflection

The Lord's Giant Telescope

Scripture explanations: Mathew 24:37


Living the teachings of Christ should be our first job. Everything else comes thereafter. As you will see below, the fate of our civilization depends on it. Is the time up? What's coming does not bode well based on the signs we see since earlier this year 2008.


This text is long but to take to hart.


Chapter 13

“But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.” (Matthew 24:37)


 11th January 1844 in the evening

[SE.01_013,01] Just write down what you have got!

[SE.01_013,02] “But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.”

[SE.01_013,03] You have singled out the text and once again chosen the right one; only the issue in this text is patently obvious, is it not? This central sun is so extraordinarily close that it is seriously strange if you do not see straightaway; particularly so as you have now have Noah’s time virtually uncovered before you.

[SE.01_013,04]  You know of course how in Noah’s time people of lands below immersed themselves in all kinds of literature and science. A king well known to you was a great writer. Thousands followed his example and within a short space of time the world at that time was flooded with countless books and writings.


Whoever wants to follow Me, may do so, and I shall not send him away, even if he were the greatest sinner.


Jesus, Great Gospel of John, vol.6:49 w27

[SE.01_013,05] The more this literature prevailed and the more people studied and read, the colder they became in their hearts, but also the more adept the became in inventing all conceivable kinds of wickedness.

[SE.01_013,06] It started by ensnaring people through politics, and before long no means was overlooked if it was still so outrageous in order to achieve the same vain, far-reaching, domineering purpose. It went so far that in the end people were valued solely according to the amount of gold. Those who did not own any were turned into slaves, even deemed to be pack animals. Such scenes of gruesomeness went so far that I eventually had to lose patience. As such I could only hand down a blanket sentence in order to protect Earth from its downfall.

[SE.01_013,07] So stood things during Noah’s time, as you may well know. How do they stand now?

[SE.01_013,08] I already showed you long ago how things stand in the so-called “Twelve Hours”. If I were to make yet another such disclosure to you, you would discover highly significant developments in world politics and cruelty. And I tell you: there is not much more missing for you to have returned to how things were in Noah’s time, where in the end even houses of glass had to be built so that the most cunning politicians could easily observe what their subjects were doing.

[SE.01_013,09]  However, buildings of glass are not necessary. The secrecy of politics is thriving so well in your time that it leaves no stone unturned in its power-driven quest. If you were let in on the secrets of many a nation, you would surely throw your arms up and scream, “Lord, do something! For in the depths of Hell can things not be as awful as here!”

[SE.01_013,10] But I do not wish to let you in on such secrets. Having cast your eyes over the fruits, it most certainly cannot escape your attention, whose spirit is the children of such prophets who produce such wonderful fruit. Wherein lies the reason for all this?

[SE.01_013,11] Let us journey into that kingdom which is encircled by the sea. In this kingdom you will find libraries and newspapers in such quantities that they could cover the area of Europe and Asia three times over with their pages; in no other kingdom is more read than here. However you will not easily find other places with more callousness and hearts of stone than in this kingdom! It is with the greatest indifference that here a wealthy, well-read and educated man can see a thousand poor, wretched, homeless people die of starvation before his very palace without giving even one of the many starving people a piece of bread.

[SE.01_013,12] Question: Is that not a wonderful fruit of great erudition and not uncommonly of deeper mathematical and banausic wisdom?

[SE.01_013,13] Is it not wonderful how working machines can be built by such mathematical and banausic wisdom, through which thousands of poor people can be suddenly abandoned to starvation?

[SE.01_013,14] Is it not wonderful to construct railways, which for one take away the earnings of waggoners and other small trade workers, and secondly destroys so much land of a farmer that he soon needs to resort to begging? And what is the third grand use of these? It is that on such tracks all kinds of luxury and industrial goods can be shipped faster; all this so that poor humanity are ruined faster both physically and spiritually. Thus the hearts of the rich swiftly become as hard as the roads on which they converse with each other in trade, exchange and deceit.

[SE.01_013,15] Are these not the wonderful fruits of great erudition and resulting learnedness?

[SE.01_013,16] Does one not call clever a man who can use his brains to make money?

[SE.01_013,17] It is precisely this reason that intellect brings in so much money, why love has been derailed and now acting in the name of love is virtually unknown to you. There are enough machines that do plenty thanks to the intellect. What do we need human hands for?

[SE.01_013,18] For in their acts human hands could awaken love of his workers in one businessman or another. In order not to have to face this danger machines are diligently built, as these work more swiftly and never enlist the heart of the owner. Instead they at most require the intellect of him only then and when by chance a part is damaged and needs to be repaired using the lowest quote.

[SE.01_013,19] Do say if this is not the case for you?

[SE.01_013,20] Begging is forbidden, but the construction of machines is rewarded with bonuses. What will become of the poor? Oh yes, that is being taken care of! There are many almshouses and alms fathers; collections are arranged and fund raising theatre performances and balls are organised. As such, the poor are so well cared for that the former become half prisoners and the latter who are still free receive such paltry monthly sums that they could half fill their stomachs on one day only. I do not need to publicise exactly how much a poor person receives from charity funds; I hope you know that for yourselves.

[SE.01_013,21] However place human need and the ban on begging next to such a situation and it should become clear to you how ‘admirably’ each poor person is cared for who is lucky enough to still even have a claim to any such fund. But what remains for those who have not yet been heard by the alms fathers?!

[SE.01_013,22] See what kind of wonderful fruits come from literature, erudition and the grand culture of intellect!

[SE.01_013,23] Would it therefore not be better to read and learn less? And this would consist of making it known what the obligations of humans, especially Christians, are!

[SE.01_013,24] As has just been said, would it not be better to act fully upon such small but useful bits of knowledge, and thereby fulfil the true obligation of a person than to spend one’s whole life reading and writing, but completely forgetting to act according to My Word?

[SE.01_013,25] I said, “Don’t be idle listeners, but doers of the Word!” But where are these doers now? Are they perhaps the producers of machines and luxuries? Or are they the railway presidents and magnates? Are they the high class swindlers or the sugar plantation owners in America? Or are they the gold and money-driven, power-hungry clergy? For sure I am endowed with a far-seeing and sharp eye, and yet I am forced to create a powerful magnifying telescope in order to seek out the doers of My Word on Earth. Even with a trillionfold enlagrement I have a hard time. For the numbers are so small that I admittedly cannot even make out whether it is a thousand, a hundred, ten or even zero.

[SE.01_013,26] Thus I now have a much bigger telescope in operation! You will surely understand what I am trying to say that you too work on it a bit. An entire central sun disk will serve as the lens. By this I intend to thoroughly inspect the number of people who act according to My Word. Should this turn out be a round ten for the entire Earth, I shall postpone My Judgement for a thousand years. But should the figure be under ten, I shall hold My patience until a grand trial for precisely the number of years that correspond to the numbers of people who carry out My Word – that means one year for each doer.

[SE.01_013,27] Of course it will be said, “Lord! There are a great many charitable people!” But in response I say, “Yes, there are a great many one hundred thousandth, ten thousandth, one thousandth and even one hundredth doers of My Word. But when I sum them all up, scarcely one is the result!”

[SE.01_013,28] But why? What about the person who owns hundreds of thousands and then gives the poor at most one thousandth of his fortune annually, but nevertheless is aware of My Word that I spoke to the rich youth? Question: is such a person more than a ten thousandth doer of My Word? To tell the truth, I don’t look for those people. My telescope will not make them out, but rather only whole ones!

[SE.01_013,29] In Noah’s time I also had set up a similar telescope, and seeing as I did not find more than eight exclusive doers of My Word, I let the Judgment do it work. I now fear whether I shall find the same number as Noah’s in the present inspection; this for the reason that politics and industry have now reached a much higher point than during Noah’s time. Regarding the amount of cruelty occurring everywhere, Hanoch has no chance to beat the world of today. Just look at the “Twelve Hours” and compare.

[SE.01_013,30] Just like in Noah’s time, it is now a ripe fruit of literature and great erudition. But it is clear from this that the salvation of mankind depends not on much reading and listening, but on acting according to the law of love!

[SE.01_013,31] I think that should also be clear. But yet another central sun more because of the increase of My telescope lens!




4. excerpt


received by Gottfried Mayerhofer*

Sermon 6,
Sunday After Christmas


The Child Jesus in the Temple


Luke 2, 33-40: "And Joseph and his mother marvelled at those things which were spoken of him. And Simeon blessed them, and said unto Mary his mother, Behold, this child is set for the fall and rising again of many in Israel; and for a sign which shall be spoken against; (Yes, a sword shall pierce through thy own soul also,) that the thoughts of many hearts may be revealed. And there was one Anna, a prophetess, the daughter of Phanuel, of the tribe of Aser: she was of a great age, and had lived with an husband seven years from her virginity; and she was a widow of about fourscore and four years, which departed not from the temple, but served God with fastings and prayers night and day. And she coming in that instant gave thanks likewise unto the Lord, and spake of him to all them that looked for redemption in Jerusalem. And when they had performed all things according to the law of the Lord, they returned into Galilee, to their own city Nazareth. And the child grew, and waxed strong in spirit, filled with wisdom: and the grace of God was upon him."


(December 25, 1871)

This chapter begins with My birth, speaks of My circumcision and then deals with the three days I spent at the temple in Jerusalem, when I was twelve years old. The arrival of the three wise men from the east, the slaying of the children, and other things - as, for instance, the flight into Egypt and return after the death of Herod - are not mentioned here, and so I shall skip most of it since you know anyway from the Gospel of James the story of My childhood [see “The Childhood of Jesus”, ed.] as well as from My disciples' records.

So let us stop at the above mentioned text:
"And Joseph and Mary marvelled. .."

About what? They marvelled at Simeon's prophetic words and at Anna's statements, both of whom had recognized in the child, that had been taken to Jerusalem for circumcision, the Saviour, not only of the Jews, but of all mankind, who had come to liberate the spirit from the constraint of matter .

It is understandable that Joseph and Mary did not comprehend what those two prophesied, for - looking at all the mysterious happenings, beginning with Mary's conception up to the birth and presentation in the temple, - it is obvious that neither Mary nor Joseph knew what to think of all this.

Although the Jews were used to receiving direct messages from Me through prophets, they did not pay much attention to them while the prophets were still alive, and their prophecies gained importance only when they began to come true.

They were waiting for a Messiah, but their hopes were based on worldly considerations; they were waiting for a Messiah who, most likely born in a palace, would one day as a great hero deliver them from the hated yoke of the Romans. That the son of a carpenter - as what My foster father was known to them - was to become their Saviour was quite beyond their expectations and comprehension.

Therefore, Joseph and Mary marvelled at the words of Simeon and Anna. Mary had had the most miraculous experiences within a short space of time, quite inconceivable to her. She had given birth to a son without having known a man. She had become a mother without having experienced motherhood in its fullness; for normally a child is the link that joins the lives of a man and a woman, uniting them to a whole, to a family.


Who believes in the Son of man that He is a light out of God has already the life in him.  Who does not believe carries the judgment within, and this judgment is, in fact, his unbelief.

Jesus, Great Gospel of John, vol.1, 22 w42c

Mary was a mother and did experience the joy of seeing her offspring before her, but it was more a feeling of pity for the little babe than a mother's bliss at pressing to her bosom the bond of her husband's love. Thus she did not and could not understand what took place at the conception, at the birth and later on. She acted only in accordance with higher guidance and was passive rather than active, following as a woman and mother only her emotions that bound her to her infant.

Of course, this vague feeling, the doubts and suspicions, which she believed only she alone was carrying in her heart, grew when she heard others express similar and even greater things as she was taking the child into the temple. Through having the circumcision and sacrifices performed in accordance with the law, I was to be received as a child into the Jewish religion and brought up in it.

Simeon's words were most mysterious to Mary, since he recognized the child as that of which she had no idea as yet. But his last words were even more puzzling: "Behold, this child is set for the fall and rising again of many in Israel; and for a sign which shall be spoken against, (Yes, a sword shall pierce through thy own soul also,), that the thoughts of many hearts may be revealed!"

She could imagine that something extraordinary could become of her son since the conception, the birth and so on were accompanied by such extraordinary phenomena. But to have carried a God under her heart and the expected Messiah, the spiritual redeemer - not only of her people, but of all mankind- that was something beyond her understanding. Still at My death on the cross she wept over Me as her son, - a man, not a God. Only through the resurrection was she convinced - as were My disciples - of that which I had told them repeatedly.

The sword that was to pierce her heart was the mother's grief; for if she had known and recognized who I actually was, she should have rejoiced at My demise and not mourned.

I had often predicted to her and My disciples what was ahead of Me and how I would overcome death and hell. However, how could they imagine - particularly in those times of the prophets and miracle-working Essenes - that I, a man of flesh and bones like them, who eats and drinks, could be God, the Lord of Hosts Who, after He had grown from a human child, was to end on the cross - at that time a symbol of shame and degradation.

Therefore, Joseph and Mary marvelled. They did not comprehend who He was who had come to bring about the fall and rising again of the Jews. The "fall" was the destruction of the Jewish kingdom fifty years after My demise; and the "rising again" the transition of many Jews to Christianity as well as the change of the sign of the cross from a symbol of shame to one of supreme glorification. Do you believe that at the time of My Second Coming there will be better comprehension among men? Not in the least! Then, too, there will be many admirers who will regard Me as nothing more than a man inspired by God. At My Second Coming I will, of course, not come as a child, but as a mature man, and there, too, will be many doubters to whom I shall have to prove My Deity through miracles as the power of the Word would not convince them.

The story of My childhood will repeat itself in its main points and events, but only in a spiritual sense, for then the spiritual understanding will be far more developed, so that the believers will be in the majority, the non-believers and doubters in a minority.

Behold, My children, as I once submitted Myself to the Jewish custom of circumcision, you should submit yourselves to a spiritual baptism, the baptism with the spirit of My love. Eliminate from your hearts what does not belong there, and begin to understand Me and My world better every day, so that your hearts may not be pierced by a sword because by attributing too much importance to the things of the world you mourn what is not worth mourning.

Make sure that you see things as they really are and that you daily fulfil your duty on this earth while you have to live here, so that when the grave hour of departure has come you have no regrets and need not mourn anything.

May you recognize Me, as Mary did when I returned to the Father, and understand that He whom you know as Christ is by far greater and more loving than you have imagined, but that also My demands on you are more severe than you thought.

There are many today who believe in Me and love Me as did Mary during My life on earth. However, this is not enough. Mary recognized only at the cross and on My resurrection that He whom she had borne was not a man but the Son of God, that is, Wisdom that had been separated from Love, Who returned to His heavens after three days in the grave and afterwards appeared to His disciples and the mother of His human body not physically but spiritualised.

See to it that Christ may rise also within you - as He is and was - so that you need not have to marvel if you find Him different from what you expected.

This for a warning, and may you act accordingly! Amen.


*) The Lord's Sermons is a work received by Gottfried Mayerhofer. His works are regarded as a continuation of the New Revelation received by Jakob Lorber. More on Gottfried Mayerhofer on our website here.




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7. overview: the new revelation

Since the beginning of time God had been in contact with mankind. With every nation. In every century. Without interruption. 

The form of communication differs. God came in the form of angels, He used prophets whom He instructed (e.g. Isaiah). He gave people visions (e.g. Swedenborg) or revealed His messages in dreams (e.g. Joseph) and He had people write by direct dictation (e.g. Moses).

Communications, instructions and messages did not stop with Jesus. Some churches, unfortunately, claim that Jesus said it all. With Him revelation stopped. Despite the contrary written in scripture.

The New Revelation, God's New Word, was received by dictation. Word by word. Every word of those 25 volumes was dictated to Lorber, Engel and Mayerhofer by the Lord. It took 37 years to finish. Some say it's the Eternal Gospel promised by the angel. It sure contains wisdom for generations of researchers.

The two new commandments Jesus introduced complementing the 10 of the Old Testament are "Love your God with all you power and all your heart" and "Love your neighbor like yourself". And added, that your enemy also is your neighbor (e.g. Luke 10:27).

Out of the seven Spirits of God three stand out: Love, Wisdom and Power.

  1. In His New Word, the New Revelation, God reconfirms again and again that love is the basis of God. "The Father" really is God's love.

  2. God created all beings - all angels, all souls, all spirits - out of love.
    It was out of His endless love that despite the high treason of Lucifer and one fifth of all created beings He did not destroy them but created the material universe. Matter is a prison and school through which He leads the rebellious souls back into His kingdom.

  3. Out of love He created man and put him to test on earth and gave him the choice between good and evil.

  4. Out of love He took flesh in Jesus, His "Son", suffered terribly, accepted utmost humiliation and sacrified His physical body to free all humans from the slavery of sin.

  5. Out of His love He gave mankind the privilege to become His children if they choose to obey. A privilege not even His first angels have.

  6. Out of love He has been incredibly patient with mankind. But He also said that out of this love He will chastise mankind if they turn away from Him, lest they'll be lost. That happened and will happen again.

To get a basic idea about the contents and scope of the New Revelation please visit our website www.hisnewword.org



8. finally

Next edition of His New Word Newsletter:   April 1, 2009

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